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We mourn

We mourn the human beings who lost their lives during the hostage taking in the capital Dhaka on 1 July. Our sincere condolences and sympathy are with the family members and friends of the 28 dead. We condemn the terrible violence that caused so much suffering – there is no justification for it.

The people in Bangladesh are deeply shocked by this gruesome terror attack, as well because of the high number of foreigners among the victims. Hospitality is one of the highest values in the country’s culture. Eighteen people from Italy, Japan, the USA and India died in the attacks on a Spanish restaurant located in the city district of Gulshan. Among the dead is 20-year-old Faraaz Ayaaz Hossain from Bangladesh. The attackers offered him freedom. He denied their offer. He did not want to leave his two friends from abroad, whom he had met for dinner that evening.

The so-called “Islamic State” claims responsibility for the attacks. Official sources report that well-educated young men from Bangladesh committed the violence. They studied at universities and most of them came from well-off families.

In many public statements and events the people in Bangladesh showed and continue to show their grief and condemn these acts of violence. Pupils and students are active and vocal – as well as businessmen and -women, leaders of all religions, civil society members and politicians. This is very encouraging. They urge to solve the background of the attacks. At the same time they call to end the vicious circle of violence through a dialogue that includes all sections of society.

Especially now our solidarity is important with all those numerous brave and committed women and men, who strive for a free and pluralistic society.

Peter Dietzel, Executive Director

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