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Wetzlar - The Place to Be


In August I went to German class and to office. Occasionally I went to different places in Wetzlar. There are many beautiful places in this city, where I live. And I want to tell you about my favourites. A small river called “Lahn” flows nearby. A lot of people come and visit for this river.
There is an old church beside the river. The Church tower is very high. Every Sunday, the devout Christians come to pray.
Next to the Wetzlar train station is a large shopping Mall and that malls name is “Forum”. There are also many small ice-cream shops. During the summer we all go to eat ice-cream together.
There is a restaurant here, food, that is almost like Bangladeshi food, is available at this restaurant. The owner of the shop is from Pakistan. He is a very good man. I sometimes buy food from his restaurant  and eat.

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