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Sompa Rani | Before I came to Germany I was excited. I was thinking: When I go to Germany, I can go to a new country and meet new people. How will my new family in Germany be? I can learn German, work at a German office and then come back to Bangladesh and work for social development. For example to prevent child marriage, work on women's rights or help children with disabilities to have an education.

After coming to Germany I saw there are many beautiful places in Germany, nice houses, gardens, garden flowers, rivers and big mountains. And also a lot of road security in Germany, for example a lot of traffic lights.

At first I could not eat Germany's Bread and Pasta. I didn't like all the food, and I thought it's not good. But I found some food I like. It is called porridge. It has fruits and milk mixed with oats and I have it for breakfast.

The first months the weather was not good, there was a lot of rain. Also in winter the weather will be bad. There are many problems in winter.

At first I came to office with Anna Apu, the federal volunteer. I did not fear to get lost. The first day I came to office alone with the bus I was very scared. The same problem I had with the train. Now I can go alone with train and bus – I have no problem anymore.
I was at Lena's house for Easter. We've enjoyed a lot. We've painted eggs. Then Lena and I saw her parents. Her parents are very good; they were very happy to see me and cared about me very much. They cooked various types of cooked rice, cakes, bread, pasta, juice and Bangladeshi food as well. We all enjoyed a lot together.

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