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School Visits and Ice Cream


Sompa Rani | Hello, this is me again Sompa. Now I want to tell you what happened in June.

On 2nd of June Anna and me went to the street market in Zülpich. There we offered the “wheel of fortune” for the visitors and we collected some donations from there.
On 7th and 14th of June Anna and me went to Herder-Schule, in Gießen and talked about Bangladesh´s textile industry, and how the clothes are made in a country like Bangladesh. Also we talked about Rana Plaza collapse and how it happened, that so many people died in 2013.
On 13th of June finally my language class started. Now I am learning many, many things. Now I have to go to the coaching centre for four days every week. Students from other countries come here and learn the language. I have a very good relationship with all the classmates in school.
On 19th of June at 6pm the Working Group Education, Franziska, Anna, Heera, Marie and me, did a skype meeting. In the meeting we talked about, what we learned from the Bangladesh Conference in May. At the meeting I have proposed, two volunteers to come together every year from Bangladesh.

June was a very nice month. The weather was very nice for me because it was 36 degrees and a lot of sun.  We went to the ice-cream shop a lot. My favourite ice-cream is banana and mango but I also like yogurt-orange. We, Leonard, Anna and me went to the lake, too and enjoyed a lot.   

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