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Hakuna Matata July


Sompa Rani | Beginning of the first week of July my volunteer workshop with EIRENE started. I got to know the volunteers from different countries there. We did a workshop in Neuwied for five days.

We talked with everyone about how we feel about being in Germany. We learned a lot of games and visited Koblenz. There, our teachers gave us some questions. For example where is the best ice-cream shop, the biggest church and market? Those places should be searched without google maps and within 2 hours’ time. Then we went to the castle. We visited many places and took many pictures. Then we all came together at 7pm in the evening.

After this we met with empowerment trainer Mariana. The next day she discussed the importance of identity with us and also explained the DB Navigator app. We met on two days with her.

Due to my language class being six weeks off, I started classes again with a private teacher.

Sometimes we ate Ice-cream with all colleagues. Sometimes we went to the swimming pool.

23th of July we watched a movie in the cinema with Franziska Apu and Anna Apu. The movie’s name was Lion King. It was an interesting movie.

26th to 28th of July, all weekend, Anna D. came to Wetzlar and visited me. Together, we ate Bangladeshi food. We took a lot of pictures, went swimming, watched a movie and talked a lot together.

July was a very nice time for me, because we had a lot of fun.

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