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In 10th of October my colleague Leonard and me we went to a school in Freiburg. This school was really very nice; also all students. They collected money for NETZ-Schools in Bangladesh, by. They sell biscuits and chocolates at school and collect money für NETZ-Schools. We talked about Bangladesh. I held a presentation on climate change and the effects of climate change in my country. We discussed together, what we can do in Germany and Bangladesh in order to prevent climate change. In our free time we walked around the old town. Freiburg is very nice city.
Then 16th of October we went to the Bangladesh conference in Berlin. Many guests of the civil society came from Bangladesh, e.g. Sultana Kamal and Hannah Ahmed Shams, human right defenders. We talked about problem solution for Bangladesh. I was in a group that discussed the rise of the road accidents and the numbers of students killed. The students demand safer infrastructure and higher road security. We discussed different topics and tried to find solutions together.
After the conference was over, we all went to the Germany parliament in Berlin. Berlin is very nice city.
Then suddenly one day the news came, my exams date for my university was confirmed: 24.11.2019. I have to leave Germany soon. My host family and my colleagues - everyone is sad because I have to go. Also I am very sad.
Now I am trying to enjoy my last days. With my host mother I visited many places on the weekend. We went to the River Rhine and enjoyed a lot. With my colleagues we had a nice Fare-Well with a lot of food. And we went shopping for souvenirs for my family.
My volunteer service was very nice because Germany is very nice country, everyone is very friendly. I could experience a lot and enjoy a lot with my colleagues and my host family. This was really a very nice time for me.

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