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works passionately and transparently for the human dignity of people living in extreme poverty. Local partner organizations in South Asia, volunteers and staff have been working for self-help and self-determination for 30 years. NETZ work shows that poverty can be overcome and a more just world is possible.

For food, education, rights
2021, 67,346 people have secured their food through local self-help structures that have been in place for years. 54,535 girls and boys have participated in preschool and primary education in 435 supported schools and realized their right to education. 25,030 human rights defenders have successfully campaigned against injustice and violence.


We work on eye level - be it with village communities or our partner NGOs. We reflect on power relations, e.g. between donors and receivers, an try to overcome them.


Our projects are based on the knowledge and ideas of people for whom we work. They themselves implement the projects and evaluate their achievements in a dignified way.


We are accountable to the people we work for, to the state, donors and partners. We have zero tolerance against any form of corruption or misuse of funds.

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Hello, I am Habibur Rahman Chowdhury, Country Director of NETZ. Don't hesitate to contact us.

This is Dr. Max Stille, Executive Director of NETZ. Thank you for your interest in NETZ.

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