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Child Protection

NETZ actively promotes the wellbeing of children, with zero tolerance for any kind of child abuse or exploitation. We are fully committed to the gender-responsive safeguarding of all children from all forms of violence. We promote child safe practices, approaches, interventions and environments. We respond to a child who may be in need of protection or support.

If somebody observes any kind of abuse against a child, it needs to be reported immediately to Shamsul Huda, Programme Manager, Education Programme. Every form of abuse against a child is a criminal offence and will be prosecuted. It is ensured that the child is immediately supported and protected from any kind of further abuse.

Nobody who reports violations or suspected violations or submits tip-offs regarding violations with honest intent needs to fear any disadvantage or other consequences, even if the report or tip-off later turns out to be unfounded. It is not the responsibility of the whistle-blower to conduct investigations, deliver evidence, or determine whether or not child abuse or exploitation have taken place.

I am Md. Abul Akram Tuhin, Finance Manager NETZ. Never hesitate to contact me if you have any complaint or suggestion on child protection.