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Working Areas of NETZ
Together with local partners, NETZ works for the most disadvantaged people in Bangladesh and neighbouring regions of India. Single women, children without educational opportunities and minorities overcome the vicious circle of poverty with dignity and self-determination. NETZ is addressing these areas to create structural changes.


...means being at eye level. NETZ works closely with people on the ground. With locally rooted organizations and the people in the projects. We listen to each other and decide together.


... means that everyone participates. We develop project concepts based on local knowledge. The people with and for whom we work are the main actors. Finally, their engagement and say counts.

Empowerment ...

...means being strong where one was powerless before. People show solidarity and can demand what they used to be denied. Long-term strategies ensure sustainable self-strengthening of communities.

Successful and trusted

For many years, NETZ has been a trusted and successful partner of the European Union. They work in a very transparent way and their programmes in Bangladesh are effective for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in the region. NETZ, together with their partner NGOs, have successfully empowered local and regional Human Rights Defenders and helped them to work together to prevent gender-based violence and to promote women’s rights. I wish NETZ all the best in its endeavours to prevent discrimination and violence against women and minorities

Rensje Teerink, Ambassador of the European Union in Bangladesh 2017-2021