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Young researchers show their skills - with picture gallery

Science is fascinating - students learn this from an early age. This is also the case at the government primary schools supported by NETZ in Bangladesh. The children from Khoiltor Primary School were invited to the Science Day and showed what they learn in class and how creative they are. They experimented with colors and water, put homemade boats on the water and let them sail. The children learn physical processes in a playful way. Primary school here goes far beyond the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. The older students have built their own lights and are also learning about the dangers of dengue fever. They let visitors know how it can spread and how to protect themselves. At a large stand, students set up a food pyramid and presented and explained the components of our daily diet. The Science Day program also included physical balance experiments, models of the solar system and home-made water filters. 

The best impressions can be found here in the picture gallery

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Mit 65 € kann ein Kind ...

die Schule besuchen. Ein ganzes Jahr lang.