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Bicycles and football – also a girl's thing

Radiyatul Jannat knows exactly what sometimes bothers her about society: "Everyone only has their smartphone in their hands. People talk to each other less and alienate themselves." The 14-year-old student particularly observes this at her school and in her neighborhood. But that's not all: just like everywhere else in the world, the smartphone brings many advantages, people can communicate more easily and thus become more independent in a way. But social media also harbors the danger of false reports or bullying. Radiyatul knows this too - and she talks about it. In her student forum, which was founded as part of a peace initiative at her school, the boys and girls talked about smartphones and communication and about the important value of personal dialogue and a culture of discussion. "That was very important," says Radiyatul. We learnt a lot together about our own responsibility. The fact that students can also practice media skills themselves is demonstrated by the human rights working group in a very practical way: the girls themselves with their smartphones. But not to scroll through networks, but to document their own work at the school. In a video, they documented how girls cycle to school and start to play as footballers. They record how they prevent child marriages and attend self-defense courses. The girls show how they assert themselves in order to confidently go their own way.

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