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You want to support disadvantaged people in Bangladesh? This can be done in many ways: with school classes, your colleagues in the office or friends, with the church community, your confirmands or confirmands. Whether it's a birthday, a company party or a charity run - start your own campaign now and share the link!

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organisiert von Layla Islam Filmgespräch "Feministische Perspektiven" in Berlin

€ 250 fundraiser target
reached € 0
Um eine Veranstaltung zum Filmprojekt "Feministische Perspektiven - Weibliche Stimmen aus …
to the fundraiser
fundraiser ended

Thomas und Dagmar Gartenfest Thomas & Dagmar

Gartenfest am 19.8.2023
fundraiser ended

Kiwistories Kiwistories

€ 3,000 fundraiser target
reached € 270
Pro verkauften Artikel spenden wir für das Projekt "Klimagerechte Zukunft". Bitte mach …

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Hello, I am Dagmar Schwarze-Fiedler. If you have any questions regarding donations to NETZ Bangladesch, please let me know. I'm happy to help.

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