Stand up for human dignity

Human rights project helps 700,000 people

Misery and hunger in Bangladesh have often their cause in the disregard of basic rights. Especially women, religious minorities and indigenous people as well as landless people are affected. They are victims of discrimination, structural exploitation, fraud, rape and other forms of violations. Every second woman suffers from either or both physical and sexual violence.

Focus on hotspots

The situation is even worst in 16 poor districts of the country. Two leading human rights organisations along with NETZ have developed a widely applicable project for these areas. Together we enable the people to stand up for their rights – peacefully and effective. Until 2017, we want to strengthen 700,000 people in safeguarding their basic rights.

Courage and networking

Local change agents, including many women, journalists, lawyers, community representatives and teachers, establish human rights councils at village level. Here they learn about their rights and how to respond to child marriage, land grabbing, dowry-related fraud and violence as well as other human rights violations.

Local – regional – national

At local, regional and national level, we train human rights activists and their councils. Victims of human rights violations receive free legal counsel and aid. We document violations and are in dialogue with international human rights organisations. We monitor the human rights situation ahead, during and after elections and include the perspective of the most vulnerable people in our dialogue with political stakeholders.

Hope, courage and solidarity - for the protection of human rights. 

Local activists need your partnership!

This project improves the situation of marginalised people in a sustainable way. New hope and courage arise to peacefully fight for dignity and freedom for all. People come in hand in hand and make it possible with collective capacities.

540 Euro protect a village
This amount is needed to enable a human rights council to stand up for human rights in their village against violence and discrimination. We train each of its ten members, provide free legal aid and document human rights violations.

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Stand up for human dignity

Stand up for human dignity

With a donation of 540 € you support one local human rights committee with 10 members for one year and make it  strong – against violence and discrimination.


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