Public Schools

Qualified Education Support Organisers provide specific assistance to particularly disadvantaged children at public schools, which are financed by the government and the local community. Integrated pre-primary schools, which are established by NETZ and our partner NGOs, prepare children from the poorest families for their school life. After one year all pre-school students enter class 1 at the public school. Teachers receive regular trainings in comprehensive, child-centred teaching methods to conduct classes more efficiently and for the inclusion of children with special educational needs. Parents and school committees are established and strengthened, so that they can demand further improvements in the quality of education from the responsible local authorities.

Public primary schools with an integrated pre-school are supported. Research and practical experience show a strong positive correlation that former students of pre-schools will not dropout during primary education.

Improving public schools

At many public schools the quality of education is still low and dropout rates are very high. Main reasons are the poor qualification and high absence rates of teachers, overcrowded classrooms, lack of learning materials and decrepit school buildings. Additionally, disadvantaged children from poor families, indigenous groups and religious minorities as well as children with physical and/ or mental disabilities are often excluded or have significant lower opportunities to complete primary school. Especially for these girls and boys NETZ provides pre-primary and primary education. Furthermore NETZ provides equipment and supports necessary renovations at the schools.

Education Support Organisers: An innovation

The inclusion of Education Support Organisers, many of them are former teachers, at public schools is an innovation in the education sector in Bangladesh. Experiences show that their work has a significant positive impact on improvement of pedagogical competencies of teachers and the reduction of dropout rates. Each Education Support Organiser provides comprehensive support to two public schools to improve the quality of education, to enhance the involvement of the local community in school activities and to specifically support disadvantaged children. They receive special trainings on pedagogical aspects in order to support teachers and low performing students and in order to provide practical support, consultation and guidance. Furthermore they are trained on facilitation skills and participatory processes for the work with the students’ parents and school committees as well as community mobilisation and advocacy with the community and local authorities to advocate needs of the schools.

Right to education

Right to education

With a donation of only 54 euros, you give one child the chance to go to school.


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