Education Programme of NETZ

Child-centred education – a key for sustainable development

NETZ is active in the education sector in Bangladesh since 1991. During the last 10 years the Education Programme of NETZ was systematically further developed – with a focus on quality education and child-centred teaching methods for children from the poorest families and of marginalised groups, such as indigenous and religions minorities. Especially these girls and boys are excluded from the public education sector and do not receive any primary education. Furthermore, the quality of the education in public schools – where one teacher is often responsible for 60 up to 100 students – is often so poor, that children hardly learn anything. The poorer the family, the more important become the reasons why children do not continue or even start their education at school. Therefore NETZ considers quality primary education a key factor for sustainable development and empowerment – an integral part of our non-violent fight against poverty.

At a glimpse: NETZ Education Programme

At 393 primary schools, NETZ and our partner NGOs are active: in remote, poverty prone areas in northern Bangladesh. Here 34,315 girls and boys have access to quality primary education and learn the basic skills for a brighter future.

At present the Education Programme of NETZ is implemented in 8 districts of Bangladesh. NETZ and our partner NGOs ensure the fundamental right to education of the children from the poorest families through an integrated approach – tailored to the needs of the respective communities.

  • Anandalok Schools: NETZ supports primary schools run by local communities with an improved teaching and learning concept for pre-primary level and classes 1 to 5 in remote areas of Bangladesh with a shortage of public schools.
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  • Public Schools: Qualified Education Support Organisers provide specific assistance to particularly disadvantaged children at public schools, which are financed by the government. Integrated pre-primary schools prepare children from the poorest families for their school life.
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  • NFPE Schools: In hard to reach areas, which suffer from regular and severe flooding and where no other access to primary education is possible for the children of the poorest families, so called “non-formal” primary schools are established. The teachers are supported through professional supervision and pedagogical guidance.
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  • Advocacy: Political dialogue and networking are crucial cornerstones of the Education Programme of NETZ – at local, national and international level. These activities support our activities at Anandalok schools as well as public schools and NFPE schools and focus on improving the overall education sector in Bangladesh.
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Right to education

Right to education

With a donation of only 54 euros, you give one child the chance to go to school.


Anastasia Rau

Programme Officer
Phone: 0(049) 64 41 - 9 74 63-20

I believe NETZ is sincerely trying to provide modern and secular quality primary education for children from mainly extreme poor families.