Every child has a right to education

Schools for a better future

Children are curious, active and full of talents. All children! However, more than 3 million girls and boys in Bangladesh are deprived of the chance to discover and develop their skills. They are the children of the poorest families.

Poverty inherited

Many children have hardly any educational opportunities. Thousands of families are living in remote areas, such as the islands and embankments of major rivers in the north of the country, and suffer from regular and severe natural disasters like floods. Here schools are very scattered and hard to reach. Additionally, many children are disadvantaged, because they are born into poor families, belong to indigenous groups, religious minorities or have special needs regarding their physical or mental condition. These children inherit their parents’ poverty and multiply it by passing it on to the next generation. At the same time many girls are married off too early. 

The most effective instrument against poverty and injustice

With support of private and public donors, NETZ and its partner organisations aim to provide equal access to quality primary and pre-primary education to all children – regardless of the socio-economic situation of their families. Therefore, NETZ targets children from ultra-poor families and marginalised groups. It is about creating equal education opportunities for these girls and boys. It is about the foundation for a better future. NETZ sets up non-formal and formal primary schools in areas, where children did not have any access to quality primary education before and no perspective to learn how to read, write and calculate.

More than 95 % of the children graduate from primary school!

Ensuring the fundamental right to education

The primary schools supported by NETZ are the only way to bring quality education into the villages. Per class 30 girls and boys from a village learn Bengali, English, math, social sciences and religion. Regular trainings and supervision qualify teachers to deal with the special educational needs of these children. The schools run six days a week. All children participate in health camps twice a year. Lunch is provided at the schools during a seasonal famine-like period in November.

Become an agent of change – for a better future!

The most valuable gift for these children costs less than most computer games. With a donation of only 54 euros, you give one child the chance to go to school for a whole year.

Donate for 1 child = reach 4 children

If you enable one child to go to school, NETZ guarantees that three other children will as well be able to learn how to read, write and calculate. This is possible because of the funding commitment by the German Development Ministry.

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Right to education

Right to education

With a donation of only 54 euros, you give one child the chance to go to school.

"My daughter is very eager to learn and a good reader. Her abilities are often useful in our daily life."


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