Empowerment of ultra-poor families

Defeating hunger through their own strengths  

Imagine you have 15 euros per month. And imagine you have to spend this amount for food, clothes, medication and anything else for your living. In Bangladesh 26 million  people live under these conditions.

Every 4 minutes a child dies because of this poverty.

Empowerment for strong women

NETZ is active in remote areas of Bangladesh. Here the mothers often have to fight alone for their family’s survival, if the husband deceased or is not able to work due to illness. These women achieve extraordinary things. They have the will and strength to change their situation.

The path to nutrition, health and education

Every year our project offers increasingly more women a real chance to sufficiently sustain their own livelihoods. Depending on their individual knowledge and capacities the women receive starting capital in the form of productive assets like seeds, the lease for farmland, a cow or bamboo to weave baskets. Additionally they are trained in vegetable cultivation, livestock farming and money management. Development experts counsel the women on-site. Organised  in village groups, women offer mutual support to each other and protect their rights.

85% of the families make it within 3 years

Through this approach, 20,000 people on average lift themselves out of poverty year by year. By this they can afford their own food, clothing and education for their children.

Become an agent of change!

With only 85 euros you can help one family in lifting themselves out of extreme poverty. With 850 euros you can support an entire small settlement to free themselves from hunger.

Why can little donations make a big difference?

Because these women are strong for their families. And because the German Government and the European Union committed to finance the major part, if NETZ can provide its own share from private donations. This share amounts to 85 euros per family.

NETZ e.V. Bangladesch
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Donate online

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  • Structured information on the project conception and implementation can be found on the website End-Extreme-Poverty.org
  • Extensive studies on the project are available in the NETZ Media center in the category "Study".

Empowerment of ultra-poor families

Empowerment of ultra-poor families

Become an agent of change! With only 85 euros you can help one family in lifting themselves out of extreme poverty.

"I am pleased that organisations such as NETZ are working tirelessly to create sustainable opportunities, especially for girls and women."


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