Disaster relief: fast, precise, effective

Bangladesh is among the countries that are most affected by the consequences of climate change. NETZ fights for human dignity and against hunger in Bangladesh. Only in times of natural disasters we distribute food: qualified relief workers provide rice, lentils, water and infant food to the poorest people in need. The staff members of NETZ guarantee that this important help reaches the people in areas where it is needed most. Medical teams provide emergency medical care.

Protection against natural disasters

Due to frequent cyclones and floods during recent years, NETZ has systematised its disaster prevention and emergency assistance. In 2007, Bangladesh was struck by two natural disasters: a devastating flood in summer and the destructive tropical cyclone Sidr in November. In cooperation with local partner organisations NETZ provided fast humanitarian support: 181,000 people, including 102,000 children, received emergency food distributions for three weeks each.

Strengthening of self-help capacities is crucial for the protection against natural disasters. It provides sustainable support to the poorest families

  • to generate a permanent sufficient income,
  • to build financial reserves,
  • to receive education, which they can take anywhere,
  • to have access to health care.

Adapting to climate change

Bangladesh is one of the countries that are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change – today and especially in the coming decades. The poorest people, who contribute least to it, suffer the most. The impact of regular floods and cyclones is steadily increasing.

In rural areas NETZ supports the poorest families to adapt to the impacts of climate change:

  • in the development of local strategies to protect themselves against future disasters,
  • through trainings in disaster prevention,
  • through raising the ground for schools in areas where flooding is likely.

In addition, NETZ supported the raising of ten flood protection areas along the upper reaches of the rivers Brahmaputra and Teesta. Here 17,500 people find shelter during floods.

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Disaster relief

Disaster relief

NETZ is on site – and provides rice, lentils, water and infant food to the poorest people in need. One relief package costs 10 €. With this package you help one family of five to survive.


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