Solidarity in times of Corona

The coronavirus is also spreading rapidly in Bangladesh. The government of the country ordered a strict lockdown. For hundreds of thousands of people who depend on a daily income as field workers, domestic help or rickshaw drivers, this means that they and their families are without food. Their savings, if they have any at all, are used up within a few days. Now the flood comes earlier than usual. "People are currently in a double emergency", reports Max Stille, Managing Director of NETZ e.V. "As a result of the corona pandemic in Bangladesh, a food crisis has set in. Now their homes are flooded as well."

This is why NETZ has launched an emergency programme with its partners in remote regions of northern Bangladesh.

Project staff distribute aid packages to people, like Nazma Begum on the picture, who are in need of them.  They contain rice, potatoes, lentils, cooking oil, soap and  protective masks.

NETZ's partner organisations also inform several million people how they can prevent the spread of the virus. Through the self-help structures that NETZ has built over the past twenty years, they can cover also remote regions.

3,500 self-help groups in the villages, volunteer disaster relief workers and village social workers are trained to deal with all kinds of emergencies in an organised manner. Via telephone chains, leaflets and loudspeakers, they provide information about the spread and symptoms of Covid-19.

Please join us!

• With 44 € you support a family for one month with food and hygiene products.

• With 64 €, a village of 20 families will receive a hygiene kit with soap, breathing masks and medicines.

Our local staff guarantee that the aid reaches the people who need it most urgently.

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Purpose of Use: Emergency Aid

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Online Donation

Your donation is valuable. If more funds are received for emergency aid than are immediately needed, we will use your donation for the long-term improvement of nutrition, agricultural production and disaster control in Bangladesh.

The German Central Institute for Social Issues DZI has awarded NETZ the donation seal "Tested + Recommended". It stands for a careful handling of donations that you entrust to us.

Stocks for aid packages
Distribution of aid packages
Distribution of aif packages
Survey of families

Foto Credits: GUK

Puja Rani receives a food package
Hygiene Station
Soap, Mask, Lentils - Content of an aid package
Hygiene products for distribution
NETZ's partners staff packing aid packages
Contactless handover

Foto Credits: DASCOH