Anandalok School - Educating Tomorrow's Nation Builders in Bangladesh

Anandalok School - Educating Tomorrow's Nation Builders in Bangladesh

NETZ supports primary schools run by local communities with an improved teaching and learning concept for pre-primary level and classes to 1 to 5 in remote areas of Bangladesh. 33 of these educational institutions, called Ananadalok School, have been built and equipped since 2008. This booklet introduces the work of NETZ and provides background information on the concept of Ananadalok Schools. Furthermore, it gives an understanding of how they work and what can be done to support tomorrow’s nation builders.

English (USA), Published: 2013, 16 pages

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Dagmar Schwarze-Fiedler

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"Beyond the headlines, NETZ takes a second look at the complexity and contradictions of Bangladesh – a country that is undergoing rapid change. Transnational economic interests enter into a sinister alliance with local power structures at the expense of those excluded from education and elemental human rights. Besides their competent analyses, NETZ demonstrates that external assistance and self-determination fit together: a nutritious meal and social participation every day."