Bangladesh Post 2015 – Addressing Social Exclusion

Bangladesh Post 2015 – Addressing Social Exclusion

Do national and international development goals and strategies consider needs and interests of marginalised groups? How are people living in extreme poverty or indigenous and religious minorities able to contribute in their design, implementation and monitoring?

On behalf of NETZ the Bangladeshi development expert Khondoker Shakhawat Ali conducted a study on these and many more questions in October 2014. GCAP (Global Call to Action against Poverty) brought its results into the civil society dialogue with political stakeholders during the drafting process of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The study can be accessed at download online.

Author: Khondoker Shakhawat Ali

English, 36 pages

Dhaka, 2014

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"Beyond the headlines, NETZ takes a second look at the complexity and contradictions of Bangladesh – a country that is undergoing rapid change. Transnational economic interests enter into a sinister alliance with local power structures at the expense of those excluded from education and elemental human rights. Besides their competent analyses, NETZ demonstrates that external assistance and self-determination fit together: a nutritious meal and social participation every day."