Out of the Black Hole of Poverty

Out of the Black Hole of Poverty

|by Ersha Husain | On 16 pages the independent author vividly depicts the most important lessons learnt from an empowerment project for extreme poor people implemented by NETZ in association with local NGOs. By drawing on the results of an external evaluation, the impact survey reports and interviews with the project management staff, the study highlights how the graduation approach of the project economically and socially empowers the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in the in the North-West of Bangladesh.

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"Beyond the headlines, NETZ takes a second look at the complexity and contradictions of Bangladesh – a country that is undergoing rapid change. Transnational economic interests enter into a sinister alliance with local power structures at the expense of those excluded from education and elemental human rights. Besides their competent analyses, NETZ demonstrates that external assistance and self-determination fit together: a nutritious meal and social participation every day."