Donation as a gift

You want to express your joy and thankfulness towards a special person on a special occasion. And you are looking for a meaningful gift?

Your donation is a multiple gift: for your loved ones and for the poorest people in Bangladesh to make a step towards a dignified future.

There are many occasions ...

You might be thinking about many happy occasions like childbirth or baptism of a new born child, confirmation, birthdays and weddings. In addition, Christmas and Easter are great opportunities to support the poorest of the poor families in Bangladesh. You might think as well about to take jubilees or retirements as occasions to share your joy with others.  

Online donation as a gift

If you donate online, you immediately will receive a specially customised gift certificate that you can print out and give to your loved ones.

The gift certificate includes the name of the gift recipient as well as a short description of the project and the number of people supported in Bangladesh.

Gift certificate

Please choose in our donation form the project you would like to support. After that you can enter the name of the gift recipient and the amount of your donation. When you press the button “donate”, your donation is transmitted. Afterwards your gift certificate is generated as a PDF file. In addition, the certificate will automatically be send to your Email address.

With a donation as a gift you bring joy to loved ones and provide a sustainable impact on the lives of the poorest people in Bangladesh. The DZI-Seal of Approval granted to NETZ by the German Central Institute for Social Issues confirms the responsible use of your donation!


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