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Political Dialogue and Networking

Analyze and demand

Bangladeshi civil society advocates non-violently for human rights, poverty reduction and global justice. NETZ supports these important efforts through political dialogue and networking in Bangladesh and Europe.

To be able to achieve more, NETZ is active as an executive member of the Bangladesh Forum. This is an association of church relief organizations, development and human rights organizations, Bangladeshis in Germany as well as representatives from academia. In close exchange with civil society partners in Bangladesh, the Bangladesh Forum brings analyses and demands into discussions with political decision-makers at the German and EU level.

For a fair development 

Bangladesh has achieved remarkable success since independence in 1971. The country's economic growth has been accompanied by improved access to primary education and a significant reduction in child mortality rates. Democratic structures have been expanded, and the media and civil society have taken on the important function of monitoring state action. The changes have come and continue to come from within the country, for example through an interested and politicized student body, through a vibrant civil society and through business start-ups. But the international community also plays a very important role. In terms of partnership, the attitude of Germany and the EU can have a positive impact on Bangladesh's development. In its work, the Bangladesh Forum aims to maintain and intensify this dynamic. For the Bangladesh Forum, the focus is on the fact that the protection of human rights, the strengthening of democratic processes and growing opportunities for participation for the population - especially for people who have been excluded up to now - are essential for fair and sustainable development.

Why dialogue
is so

Involving civil society 

In order to strengthen civil society's scope for action in Bangladesh in a targeted manner, the Bangladesh Forum supports parliamentary initiatives at the federal and EU levels. Together with members of the German Bundestag and the European Parliament, at the ministry level and together with the European Commission, the Forum develops strategies to expand civil society's scope for action in Bangladesh and its participation in political decision-making processes. To this end, the Bangladesh Forum frequently brings together civil society actors from Bangladesh with representatives of the EU and the German government in Dhaka, Brussels and Berlin. Topics include repression and threats of violence against civil society actors and the human rights situation of extremely poor people, women, and indigenous communities and religious minorities.

NETZ also promotes the dissemination of conflict transformation strategies in development and human rights work. Conflict analysis and advisory services are provided to support efforts by governmental and non-governmental agencies to support medium- and long-term processes for the non-violent transformation of conflict, for example in the context of Rohingya refugees fleeing violence in Myanmar to Bangladesh and the populations in host unions.

A successful approach
The political dialogue

What the political dialogue has achieved 

    • Developing analyses on development and human rights issues.
    • This includes assessments and the expertise of around 100 civil society actors from Bangladesh, including human rights defenders, NGO staff, academics, journalists, bloggers and artists.
    • These analyses serve as the basis for discussions in which the Bangladesh Forum meets with political actors and decision-makers in Germany and Europe.Among them are: Members of the German Bundestag and the European Parliament, specialists in the Ministry of Development and Foreign Affairs and the External Action Service of the European Union, staff of the German and EU embassies in Dhaka, and representatives of German political foundations
    • The Bangladesh Forum's expertise has also been brought to bear on political decision-makers at ministerial level and parliamentary state secretariesFor Bangladeshi civil society, this exchange is of considerable importance, as their views are brought to bear.

Our principles


NETZ and the Bangladesh Forum are reliable partners of civil society. Initiatives and significant individuals in Bangladesh and Europe come together.


Through political dialogue, voices from civil society find their way into political decision-making processes. It creates participation where it did not exist before.


Politically disadvantaged social groups in Bangladesh are empowered and supported so that their voices are finally heard and accountability to them is also brought to bear internationally.

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