Take action

I would like to contribute – but what exactly?

You want to get involved and take action? NETZ is committed to human dignity and the fight against hunger in Bangladesh. You can take action as well. Everyone can make a difference!

  • As an individual
    What do you like to do? What are your skills? How can your activities be connected with Bangladesh? Here you can find suggestions.
  • As a parish
    Catholic or protestant parishes take concrete action alongside the poorest in Bangladesh. For sure, you have your own ideas. Further ideas can be found here.
  • As a school or a group of students
    There are manifold possibilities to cover the topic “Bangladesh” in class, e.g. in single or a series of lessons or within a project week.
  • As a team or one world shop
    To take side with disadvantaged people can start in a simple way: with information material. More concretely you can become agents of change in Bangladesh with a fundraising campaign.
  • As a company
    Trough a partnership with a school in Bangladesh you have the opportunity to receive pictures and reports first hand. We would be pleased to provide you with further information for activities within your company.
  • As a volunteer
    Support the work of our partner organisations in rural areas of Bangladesh for one year – together with school students, disadvantaged people and human rights activists.

What does NETZ offer?

  • You get a vivid insight into development processes in Bangladesh.
  • You can exchange experiences and ideas with other people who are active as well.
  • You receive ideas for activities and materials for your event.
  • The Bangladesh magazine “NETZ” provides background information and further suggestions.
  • The Programme Officers of NETZ  are pleased to give reports about their work in Bangladesh.  

We look forward to developing ideas together with you. Our joint efforts will have a concrete impact in Bangladesh.

With the collective effort of 1,300 students, we succeeded to generate a handsome amount of money at our Christmas bazar to give 85 of the poorest families in Bangladesh the opportunity of a better future – without hunger!


Gwendolyn Bömeke

Programme Officer Development Education and Volunteers Service
Phone: 0 (049) 64 41 - 9 74 63-18