Global Call to Action Against Poverty

NETZ is active in the campaign!

No one has to suffer from hunger today. The international campaign Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) takes action to achieve necessary changes to end poverty. In Germany renowned artist and activist Herbert Grönemeyer, NETZ and more than 100 development organisations are involved in the campaign. 

The global campaign has chosen the “White Band” as its symbol. It demands from development partners in the North to meet their promises to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) until 2015. The MDGs have been formulated on the basis of the United Nations Millennium Declaration to put an end to worldwide poverty and hunger.

Together with its partner organisations in Bangladesh NETZ participates in the campaign to include the perspectives and voices of ultra-poor and marginalised people living in South Asian country. Get active in the campaign – you can make a difference!

You can take action in various manners:

  • Your vote counts: Raise your voice against poverty on the campaign’s website
  • Share your experiences with others: Tell your family members, friends and colleagues about the campaign and ask them to join.
  • Stand up and take action: Millions of people already participated in the campaign “Stand Up and Take Action”. Get involved!
  • Your commitment counts: Organise a benefit event to support the fight against poverty in Bangladesh.

I could see the determination and strength in the faces of many women and men that enables them to fight for their families. Education, a stable income and a nonviolent environment are the most important preconditions.


Franziska Gaube

Programme Officer Development Education and Volunteers Service
Phone: 0 (049) 64 41 - 9 74 63-18

Empowerment of ultra-poor families

Empowerment of ultra-poor families

Become an agent of change! With only 85 euros you can help one family in lifting themselves out of extreme poverty.