Get active

One can always find an occasion to do something good - and it's fun!

You want to organise an event with students, your organisation, colleagues, your community, confirmands or friends that enables changes in Bangladesh? Here are some concrete proposals:

Sporty, Sporty

You can combine the following sporting event with a good cause - and you will get an extra dopamine boost from it. City run, marathon, hiking, bicycle tour: For each kilometre you and the other participants cover, sponsors like parents, friends or regional companies can donate a certain amount of money. You are able to expand the event in many ways: Make every goal or point scored at football, handball or basketball tournaments count by donating a fixed amount for each to NETZ.

A marvellous dinner

It tastes better if you partake your meal with other people. Invite others for a joint dinner and create with your cooking team tasty regional cuisine, meals from Bangladesh or other countries. Every seat at your laid table should be worth a donation for building up an existence or for education in Bangladesh. Click here for Bengal cuisine in German language…

St. Martin’s Day parade

On St. Martin’s Day on 11 November people carry lanterns all around Germany. Thousands of kindergartens and schools focus on the idea of sharing and support children in need through fundraising events. You may propose for your St. Martin’s Day parade to donate for NETZ-supported schools in Bangladesh.

Ears and eyes

Organise a benefit concert with your choir, your favourite regional band or the school band and donate the proceeds for education and human rights in Bangladesh. The entrance fees of performances of your own or regional theatre and dancing groups can also be donated for NETZ-supported projects in Bangladesh.

Selling for a good cause

Handicrafts, sewing and knitting, cooking, baking or keeping bees – what do you enjoy and what are your talents? Produce yourself decoration materials, socks and caps, bake cakes and sell them at the Christmas bazaar of your parish, at summer parties and open days as well as during school breaks.

Simplify your life

Organise a flea market and sell toys, clothes, books or antiquities that you have sorted out. It’s a great feeling having a tidy basement – and it can support the planting of trees and schools in Bangladesh.

Donate playfully

Spend a special day together with enthusiastic golfers. Every participant supports a project of your choice in Bangladesh by joining your benefit golf tournament. An entertaining evening programme with raffle, dinner, award-giving ceremony and musical framework expects your guests. The proceeds will benefit women’s groups or a specific school in Bangladesh. The participants receive a donation receipt (deducted by the costs for entry fee, halfway catering and dinner).

Photographic art for human dignity

Exhibit you own photographs or use available Bangladesh exhibitions from our media centre: in your city hall, the local branch of your bank or jointly with cultural institutions. Advertise and invite to your exhibition and auction the most beautiful photographs to the highest bidder.

Packing bags

Ask local retailers like supermarkets or electronic stores if you and your group can help customers packing their goods at the cash desk. Put up a donation box with information, display information materials and explain to the customers for which purpose you are collecting donations.

You can order the NETZ starter-kit and other materials in German language for display and distribution at your event right here.

You can find texts and pictures for your website, your newsletter or your public relations here.