Organisational Structure


NETZ is a registered charity association (“e.V.”, registration number VR 1790 at the local court in Wetzlar, Germany). The Annual General Meeting is the governing body. It decides the policies of NETZ and amendments to the articles of association, elects and discharges the voluntarily working  Executive Committee and determines the independent auditor.

The Executive Committee is elected for a period of two years. It agrees on the strategy of NETZ, decides on the funding of projects and appoints the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is responsible for the day-to-day business of the organisation in accordance with the constitution, the decisions of the Executive Committee and the Annual General Meeting. Paid employees work at the Head Office in Germany and in the Country Office in Bangladesh.

NETZ builds on a tremendous voluntary commitment

Many voluntary supporters are active all over Germany, people doing their voluntary service in Bangladesh and the Executive Committee, who is working on a voluntary basis. NETZ staff members also commit their time beyond normal working hours. All this makes it possible for NETZ to work economically and efficiently, which directly benefits the people in Bangladesh.

Quality management

Effective development work for NETZ means that

  • the support reaches the poorest people,
  • they participate in trainings or go to school,
  • local self-help structures are developed,
  • they participate actively in decision-making processes,
  • they can defend their rights,
  • sustainable structural changes are achieved.

This is ensured by the NETZ team in Bangladesh and Germany.


Dagmar Schwarze-Fiedler

Phone: 0 (049) 64 41 - 9 74 63-10