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We make a difference

People support NETZ due to their own convictions and their solidarity with families in Bangladesh who are among the poorest. Through their involvement, diverse action groups, volunteer workers and young people who have performed voluntary service in Bangladesh set an example across Germany by taking a stand against global injustice and in favour of change. 

Development policy educational work

Presentation evenings, project and theme days and sponsored runs are held: In 2014, at 90 events and activities, schools, parishes, associations, companies and private individuals campaigned together in Germany for human dignity and against hunger in Bangladesh. The development policy educational work of action groups, NETZ employees, and those returning from Bangladesh inspires many people to analyse global challenges critically, with the example of Bangladesh. Action themes for 2014 included climate change, food security, working conditions in the textile industry, primary school education and human rights. The educational work demonstrates: Everyone can make a difference. Through carol singing campaigns alone, 24 parishes in Germany made it possible for a total of 2,536 children in Bangladesh to attend school for one year. 

Development policy voluntary service

In the first half of 2014, due to the political situation in Bangladesh only one volunteer was working there, in the capital city, Dhaka. In September 2014, six young people travelled to Bangladesh in order to work at NETZ partner organisations for one year, to document the projects and to promote an exchange between Germany and Bangladesh. The volunteers are involved in promoting subsistence incomes, primary school education and human rights. Their commitment stands for solidarity and friendship beyond national borders. In 2014, 13 volunteers who had returned to Germany played an active role in education policy work and passed on their Bangladesh experiences in Germany.

Press and media work in Germany concerning Bangladesh

In 2014, local, regional and transregional media published 81 press reports concerning NETZ. These included coverage of the “Sustainable livelihoods” programme and solidarity actions in Germany, reports of returning NETZ volunteers and a radio interview. Press clippings are available online at: (in German only)
NETZ publishes the Bangladesh magazine, the most important source of information in Germany concerning Bangladesh. Themes of the four 2014 issues are: Voluntary service, people with disabilities, regional external relations and social change. All issues can be found at 
Photographer Rolf K. Wegst published the illustrated book 5 day trip to Bangladesh in 2014, focusing on the NETZ “Sustainable livelihoods” project. In cooperation with Transcend University Press, NETZ published the German edition of the book A flying orange tells its tale, a fable by peace researcher Johan Galtung.

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