Global learning and international understanding

Together for Bangladesh

Committed staff and voluntary supporters, in Bangladesh as well as in Germany, young volunteers and longtime supporter groups – they all side with the poorest people in Bangladesh by supporting their self-help for nutrition, education and human rights. Moreover, they campaign in Germany for solidarity with the people in Bangladesh.

Development education

There are many ways, how to become acquainted with development work and Bangladesh: through information material, lectures or project days in schools. The development education of NETZ makes an important contribution to that. It promotes a critical debate about global questions using Bangladesh as an example. It includes people who are newly interested in the subject as well as those who have been active in this field for long. Schools, parishes, associations, companies and individuals show their support for the people of Bangladesh during various action days, events and festivities and prove that each and everyone can make a contribution!

4,588 persons
participated in 87 events and activities organized by NETZ supporters. The main topics were: living conditions in Bangladesh, combating poverty, helping people to help themselves, primary education, working conditions in the garment industry, climate change and the Millennium Development Goals. More than 900 children and adolescents in 26 parishes are involved in the countrywide caroller activities for children in Bangladesh.

Photo: Acting together for Bangladesh - Activities and events in Germany during 2012

Voluntary service and dialogue & exchange programme

Eight young volunteers were engaged with their voluntary service in Bangladesh until summer 2012.  Eight volunteers are working with partner organisations of NETZ in Bangladesh since summer 2012: to strengthen the partnership between the people in Bangladesh and Germany. After their return, many volunteers keep playing an active part in our development education work in Germany.

School exchange: Four young human rights defenders from Bangladesh visited Germany for an exchange with students of the same age in June 2012: at the Otto-Hahn-High School in Bergisch-Gladbach and the Edith-Stein-School in Ravensburg.

Bangladesh-related public relations and media work in Germany

  • Newspapers and magazines published more than 50 reports about the work of NETZ. The press review 2012 is available on our homepage
  • The Bangladesh magazine “NETZ” is an important source of information about Bangladesh in German language. Topics in 2012 were: sexual minorities, access toressources, educational system, Sundarbans.


Sabrina Syben

Member of the management team
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I never would have thought it possible to learn and experience so many new things. That it would be possible to immerse in a society and culture, which seemed so different in the beginning, and to find a place in it.