Expenditure 2012

According to the constitution of NETZ, the above expenditure statement distinguishes the use of funds for (A) development cooperation with Bangladesh and (B) global learning and international understanding. The expenditures for (C) donation management, administration and governance serve both statutory purposes. Staff and operating expenses are integrated into the respective work area according to the funds and time required. 86.7% of the expenditures in 2012 were utilised for development cooperation with Bangladesh.

For 2013 to 2015, NETZ has committed itself to larger financial efforts und has to build up a stable reserve fund – an incentive for all supporters and staff members.

Financial statement 2012

The annual financial statement of NETZ was prepared in accordance with the regulations of the German Commercial Code and the guidelines of the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) as well as the VENRO Code of Conduct for Transparency, Organisational Governance and Supervision. The DZI has again confirmed the statutory, economical work of NETZ with its donation seal (as of 31.12.2012). The share for public relations and administrative costs in the total budget was ranked in the category “low” according to the DZI criteria.

The internal voluntary auditors, elected at the Annual General Meeting, Dennis Hänsel and Dr. Heiko Herold, audited the accounts and current financial accounting of NETZ on 20.4.2013. They confirmed that the expenditures are based on the principle of profitability and fulfil the statutory requirements. Their report was presented at the Annual General Meeting on 25.5.2013. The actions of the Executive Committee were approved accordingly.

The independent auditing company Dr. Kruse, Dr. Hilbersheimer und Partner attested following its audit on 3.5.2013 that the accounting, income and expenditure reports and balance sheet fulfil the principles of proper financial reporting and statutory requirements. The chartered accountant Hoda Vasi Chowdhury has audited the financial statement of the Country Office in Dhaka for 2012 and certified proper financial accounting.


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