Programme 4: Disaster preparedness and response

NETZ promotes prevention and provides sustainable support

Raising the embankment around flood-protection areas provides a place of refuge.

Bangladesh is among the countries most affected by the consequences of climate change. In all flood-prone working areas, NETZ promotes preventive measures. People participate in training sessions and build up disaster funds. School buildings are better protected through raised ground levels.

Impact monitoring for all NETZ programmes

During the planning phase of each project in Bangladesh, the partner organisations and NETZ are clearly defining the goals and impacts to be achieved. In the starting phase of the projects local development workers in Bangladesh collect the most important information about the initial situation.

Before the end of a project this data is collected again. This is the basis for the impact analysis of NETZ. During a project, the local partner organisations of NETZ are documenting the interim results every year. Additionally, competent staff members of NETZ in Bangladesh visit all project regions on a quarterly basis, to analyse the quality of implementation of the measures and the development progress made.

Usually, external evaluations are conducted by independent experts at the end of each project. The results of the impact monitoring are documented and discussed with the partner organisations and project participants during workshops. All findings are continuously incorporated into the further development of the projects: into the conceptual framework of activities, training curricula, working plans of the project staff, design of new projects and strategy planning of NETZ.


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