Fiscal aspects

Due to its promotion of development aid, NETZ is recognised as a charitable and non-profit organisation and exempt from corporation tax for the years 2008, 2009, 2010, according to §5, Sect. 1, No. 9 of the German Corporation Income Tax Law and as certified by the latest notice from the tax authorities in Wetzlar (tax identification number: 39 250 5182 5 - P/K 1) from 6.9.2011.

Dialogue with supporters

„Does my donation really reach the poorest people in Bangladesh?“

People supporting NETZ through donations or voluntary work want to make an effective contribution to sustainably overcoming poverty. Therefore NETZ staff is committed to clear principles. They have a dual responsibility: on the one hand towards individual donors and institutions providing grants and on the other hand towards the disadvantaged people in Bangladesh. All financial resources entrusted to NETZ are utilised in a cost-effective way. NETZ reports truthfully and transparently about its work in Bangladesh and is constantly monitoring its work standards at the Head Office, the Country Office in Dhaka and in the projects. For more than 30 years, it has been personal encounters that make the partnership with Bangladesh such an enriched and vibrant one. Therefore, NETZ focuses on the exchange of information and experiences, at events, in telephone conversations with individuals, and in written reports from Bangladesh. People interested in our work receive four circulars per year in which we give an update on our activities and ask for their support. Groups committed to a specific project get regular information in an adequate manner and we support them in their commitment. In our dialogue with supporters, the main costs are printing, postage, travelling and material. NETZ does not run expensive advertising campaigns. We do not cooperate with fundraisers on a commission basis nor do we purchase addresses for fundraising purposes.

We give account of our objectives, strategies and the results of our work on the website, in the NETZ mag- azine, our E-Mail newsletter and in this annual report. Through press releases, we inform the general public about our activities and provide information on how to contribute to our work. NETZ is an active member of the Association of German Development Non-Governmental Organisations (VENRO) and follows the ethical standards stipulated in the Code of Conduct for Development-Related Public Relations. Furthermore, we follow the VENRO Code of Conduct for Transparency, Organisational Governance and Supervision.

Turning 100 into 500

The NETZ team is taking care of donor grants for project funding. However, these grants are only given to us, if many people support our cause. Every donation has a multiplier effect and increases the amount of grant money we can apply for. Thus for €100 originally donated, NETZ can spend €500 in Bangladesh – for a life in dignity. Our administrative costs are kept to a minimum.

Organisational structure

NETZ is a registered charity association (“e.V.”, registration number VR 1790 at the local court in Wetzlar). The Annual General Meeting is the governing body. It decides the policies of NETZ and amendments to the articles of association, elects and discharges the voluntarily working Executive Committee, it also elects the voluntary auditors, who are not members of the Executive Committee, determines the independent auditor and approves the annual financial statement of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is elected for a period of two years.

The Executive Committee agrees on the strategy of NETZ, decides on the funding of projects and appoints the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is responsible for the day-to-day business of the organisation in accordance with the constitution, the decisions of the Executive Committee and the Annual General Meeting. Paid employees work at the Head Office in Germany (18 persons; as of June 2013) and in the Country Office in Bangladesh (32 persons).


At the Annual General Meeting on 12.5.2012 the following Executive Committee members were elected: Abdullah Al-Farooq, Kerpen; Dr. Bernhard Höper, Bonn; Dr. Dieter Klein, Kirchheim/ Teck; Manfred Krüger (Chairperson), Krefeld; Heike Proelß, Hohenahr; Felicitas Qualmann, Berlin and Max Stille (Deputy Chairperson), Heidelberg.

Quality management

Effective development work for NETZ means that

  • the support reaches the poorest people,
  • they participate in trainings or go to school,
  • local self-help structures are developed,
  • they participate actively in decision-making processes,
  • they can defend their rights,
  • that sustainable structural changes are achieved.

Salary structure in Germany

The gross monthly salary is oriented on a salary agreement that includes a basic salary of €2,000 (2013). There are different salary levels reflecting employees’ level of responsibility, professional experience, required skills and the duration of employment. In addition, an allowance of €110 is paid for each dependent child.

NETZ builds on a tremendous voluntary commitment: by people doing their voluntary service in Bangladesh, the Executive Committee working on a voluntary basis, and above all, the many voluntary supporters all over Germany. NETZ staff members also commit their time beyond normal working hours. All this makes it possible for NETZ to work economically and efficiently, which directly benefits the people in Bangladesh. Allowances are solely paid to voluntary multipliers running development education events. In 2012, this summed up to €660 for 87 events.

NETZ is a member of:

  • Association of German Development Non-Governmental Organisations (VENRO)
  • Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP)
  • Bangladesh Forum Germany
  • Action Committee Service for Peace (AGDF)
  • Hesse Development Policy Network (EPN Hessen)


Dagmar Schwarze-Fiedler

Phone: 0 (049) 64 41 - 9 74 63-10