Partner organisations in Bangladesh

NETZ connects people in Bangladesh and Germany – through personal encounters, dialogue and joint action. Self-help projects are developed and implemented jointly with partner organisations and the local community.

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Programmatic overview:

  • Empowerment of  ultra-poor: Ultra-poor families receive training and start-up assets like cows, goats, chicken, rickshaw or seeds and the lease for a piece of land to grow rice and vegetables. This enables the families to improve their nutrition significantly and to have sustainable access to clothing, health care and education for their children.
  • Primary education: At schools supported by NETZ girls and boys from poor families learn reading, writing and to do math - the basic skills for a brighter future.
  • Human rights: NETZ stands up for the rights of the poorest in the villages. Human rights defenders train marginalised women, minorities and landless people. They advocate for the fulfilment of human rights in Bangladesh.
  • Disaster response: NETZ provides rice, lentils, water and infant food to the poorest people in need after a disaster and promotes preventive measures.

Currently NETZ works together with 12 partner organisations in Bangladesh. All these non-governmental organisations (NGOs) work together with particularly marginalized population groups, the poorest of the poor. In addition, special emphasis is laid on the cooperation with women involving their families.

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Since 2012, NETZ works together with 2 partner organisations in East India: