NETZ Annual Report

Annual Report 2017 – Reporting Year 2016

Our Annual Report informs how we use the funds entrusted to NETZ Bangladesh. It offers detailed information about our financial structure and the general structure of our association in Germany and Bangladesh.

Dear Reader,

52 percent of young girls in Bangladesh are married off before reaching the age of 18, although there is a law that prohibits this practice. This is one of the highest rates globally. The consequences are often devastating: girls drop out of school. The marriages are often shaped by violence and abuses. The likelihood of a 14-year-old girl dying while giving birth is five times higher compared to 20-24 year-old women. The causes of child marriage are manifold. Apart from poverty, cultural traditions play a major role. Through early marriage parents hope to spare their daughters from physical harm and a loss of honour. And the law allows for "exceptions" far too often.

All NETZ-supported projects contribute to a reduction of child marriage. Women taking part in the sustainable livelihoods programme get active, when they get to know that an early marriage is planned in their neighbourhood. Teachers and school committees support parents to prevent their daughters from dropping out of school. Activists of the human rights programme inform people in the villages about and intervene with marriage registrars when birth certificates are falsified. Furthermore this annual report informs how our partners and we get active for the right to education and the right to nutrition. 200,000 people have a better nutrition. 29,000 girls and boys especially from very disadvantaged families received quality education in school.

I want to thank everyone contributing to this. Teachers, parents' committees, human rights defenders, social workers, auditors in Bangladesh and India, volunteers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, donors, institutional donors, companies and private foundations as well as all staff members of NETZ.

We want to continue our commitment for the rights of girls and against discrimination. Please join us - together for Bangladesh.

Peter Dietzel,
Executive Director



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NETZ is one of the European Union’s key partners in giving opportunities to the most marginalized and extreme poor in Bangladesh.

The German Central Institute for Social Issues (“Deutsches Zentralinstitut für soziale Fragen”, DZI) reawarded its Seal of Approval to NETZ which testifies the responsible use of donations received.