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NETZ Partnership for Development and Justice

NETZ Partnership for Development and Justice, in short NETZ, is a charitable and independent organisation registered in Germany and Bangladesh. Since 1979, full time employees, volunteers, individuals, supporter groups and enterprises have engaged in actions to end poverty in Bangladesh. Together with local partner organisations NETZ supports self-help for nutrition, education and human rights. Self-help capacities are strengthened, nutrition and health status improved, income generating activities and schools supported, women’s rights and access to the legal system demanded. Through all these actions, long lasting and far reaching structural changes are enabled.

Our main working areas in Bangladesh

Sustainable livelihood – NETZ struggles against hunger

People supporting and working with NETZ do not accept this fate. Together with partner organisations, women from affected families, and experts, NETZ has developed an empowerment-based model that enables the poorest families to generate a sustainable income, and improve the quality of life for their families and communities. 

  • Up to now NETZ has supported 44,000 ultra-poor families through its livelihood programme, enabling them to generate a sustainable income. Now they are able to provide food, clothing, healthcare and education for their children.

Primary education – NETZ supports the poorest children

In Bangladesh, about three million children between the age of six and ten do not go to school. More than half of all girls and boys do not complete their primary education. There are manifold reasons why children from poor families do not continue or do not even enrol at school. Furthermore, the quality of education in many formal primary schools is so poor that children hardly learn anything.

  • Up to now NETZ has supported the primary education of more than 34,000 students. They learned how to read, write and do arithmetic and were given the basic skills for a better future.

Human rights – NETZ stands up for the rights of the poorest in the villages

The protection of fundamental human rights is an integral part of the constitution of Bangladesh. In reality, however, there are large groups of people whose rights are systematically violated. These include landless people, women and minorities. The existing laws are not properly enforced and applied, and the legal framework needs improvement in many aspects. NETZ extends its support to leading human rights organisations in Bangladesh to ensure people become aware of their rights and strive for their enforcement. At the same time, NETZ is part of a network working towards improving the legal framework.

Disaster preparedness and response – NETZ promotes disaster coping capacities and provides sustainable support

Bangladesh is among the countries most affected by the consequences of climate change.

  • In all flood-prone working areas, NETZ promotes preventive measures. People participate in training sessions and build up a disaster fund. School buildings are better protected by using appropriate construction technologies.
  • After the cyclones of 1991, 2007 and 2009 and after the floods of 1988, 2004 and 2007 NETZ has provided emergency relief to extremely poor families.

Please see our Annual Report for more information.

NETZ Partnership for Development and Justice
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NETZ is one of the European Union’s key partners in giving opportunities to the most marginalized and extreme poor in Bangladesh.

The German Central Institute for Social Issues (“Deutsches Zentralinstitut für soziale Fragen”, DZI) reawarded its Seal of Approval which testifies the responsible use ofdonations received.


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